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Affordable 3D Printing Lab and Design Services. We’ve made ordering 3D printed products a breeze. With over 15 3D printers, we can bring your designs to life from the most common 3D file formats and ship them to you quickly in just a few days. We offer a variety of materials including PLA plastic, nylon, flexible filament, PETG, ABS, high-resolution resin, and our newest addition to the product lineup, PolySmooth, which nearly eliminates layer lines. For more information, please visit our profile page.

High Quality 3D Printing serving Chicago | 60+ Materials Available

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Your Premier 3D Printing Solution in Chicago: Prototypes and Production Parts

Elevate your projects with Modo Rapid, a global powerhouse in top-tier industrial 3D printing services. Whether you require rapid prototypes or precision production parts, we’re here to deliver, with turnaround times measured in days. As your comprehensive source for custom 3D printed components, we ensure accuracy and excellence at a fraction of the cost.

Experience seamless quoting and rapid lead times by simply uploading your 3D CAD file. With over 60 metals and plastics at your disposal, our cutting-edge additive manufacturing processes guarantee affordability without compromising quality.

Choose from an array of premium 3D printing techniques, including selective laser sintering, fused deposition modeling, stereolithography, direct metal laser sintering, polyjet, Carbon DLS, binder jet metal, and HP Multi Jet Fusion. Our state-of-the-art equipment lineup features renowned brands like Stratasys Fortus 900mc and Fortus 450 FDM, EOS Polymer Laser Sintering (SLS) and DMLS, Concept Laser, SLM Solutions, 3D Systems, ExOne, and more.

High Quality 3D Printing Services at Modo Rapid

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS): Harnessing high-powered lasers to fuse powdered materials, SLS delivers intricate parts with exceptional strength and durability.

Stereolithography (SLA): Utilizing precise UV light to solidify liquid resin layer by layer, SLA creates detailed prototypes and end-use parts with smooth surface finishes.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM): Building parts layer by layer using heated thermoplastic filaments, FDM offers cost-effective production with robust mechanical properties.

HP Multi Jet Fusion (HP MJF): Revolutionizing production with its advanced printing technology, HP MJF delivers fast, high-resolution parts ideal for functional prototypes and end-use products.

PolyJet 3D (PJ3D): Offering unmatched detail and accuracy by jetting liquid photopolymer onto build platforms, PJ3D produces prototypes and models with realistic textures and colors.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS): Merging high-powered lasers with metal powder, DMLS crafts durable metal parts with complex geometries and precise details.

Carbon DLS™: Pioneering Digital Light Synthesis™ technology, Carbon DLS™ delivers superior mechanical properties and surface finish, perfect for functional prototypes and production parts.

Metal Binder Jetting: Depositing binding agents onto metal powder layers, Metal Binder Jetting creates cost-effective, high-density metal parts ideal for complex geometries and intricate designs.