ABS Injection Molding

ABS injection molding offers exceptional durability, versatility, and precision for manufacturing a wide range of high-quality plastic parts.

Our injection molding ABS materials are opaque thermoplastics available in black and natural color options. The best material option will depend on your specific project needs. We offer various grades of ABS for injection molding, including:

  • Polylac
  • Cycolac
  • Lustran
  • RTP

Cost-Effective ABS Parts: Suggested Size Specifications

Maximum Part Size: 18.9″ x 29.6″ x 8″ (480mm x 751mm x 203mm)

Maximum Volume: 59 cubic inches (966,837mm)

Recommended Wall Thickness: 0.045″ – 0.140″ (1.143mm – 3.556mm)

Tolerances: +/- 0.003″ (0.08mm), with included resin tolerance ranging from +/- 0.002 in./in. (0.002mm/mm)

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Comparing ABS Material Properties

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) stands out as a robust and impact-resistant plastic. Its attributes include low shrinkage, excellent dimensional stability, and resistance to corrosive chemicals, rendering it highly adaptable across diverse industries. ABS boasts a glass transition temperature of around 221°F (105°C) and is classified as an amorphous polymer, granting it elevated temperature endurance without a distinct melting point.

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Compare Material Properties of ABS Materials

Commonly Used ABS Injection Molding Materials

ABS GradeKey Features
Polylac PA-746– Flame Rated – RoHS Compliant – High Flow – Impact Resistant
Polylac PA-765– Flame Retardant – RoHS Compliant – High Flow
Cycolac MG47– Multi-purpose – Balanced properties
Lustran 433– High impact resistance – High Gloss – UL 94 HB rated
Lustran PG 298– SAE J1685: ABS0111 – Plating grade – Outstanding plate adhesion – Increased scratch resistance
RTP 605 (30%GF)– Glass filled – High tensile strength – Stiffness
Lustran 348 – Healthcare certifications – High gloss – Meets FDA modified ISO 10933-1 requirements – Meets U.S. Pharmacopeia 23 Class VI test requirements – UL Classification 94HB

ABS Injection Molding Applications

ABS’s unique material properties render it an ideal choice for applications requiring exceptional impact resistance, strength, and stiffness. Here are some key applications where ABS excels:

  1. Cosmetic Parts: ABS is commonly used for manufacturing cosmetic parts due to its ability to achieve smooth surfaces and vibrant colors, enhancing the aesthetics of products.
  2. Enclosures: Its robustness and durability make ABS a preferred material for enclosures, providing protection for electronic components and devices in various industries.
  3. Handheld Devices: ABS’s lightweight yet sturdy nature makes it suitable for producing handheld devices such as remote controls, gaming controllers, and handheld tools.
  4. Housings: ABS housings are extensively utilized in electrical tools, computers, telephones, and remote controls, providing structural support and protection for internal components.

ABS’s affordability and excellent dimensional stability also make it a popular choice for prototyping purposes, allowing for cost-effective and reliable product testing before full-scale production.

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Why Choose Modo Rapid for Your ABS Injection Molding Parts?

Modo Rapid is equipped with 6 in-house injection molding machines ranging from 80 to 380 tons of clamping force, allowing us to offer mold trials and small-volume plastic part production services. Additionally, we have invested in 1 set of Sumitomo SE180EV-A high-speed injection molding machine and 1 set of Toshiba EC350S at the beginning of 2023.

We also offer services with two-shot molding machines and gas-assisted injection molding machines.

At Modo Rapid, our core expertise lies in plastic injection mold design, mold fabrication, trial runs, and injection molding services. Additionally, we offer value-added services such as product optimization, prototype tooling, mold flow analysis, and CNC machining.

Modo Rapid specializes in manufacturing a diverse range of injection molds, including standard custom plastic molds, reverse molds, high-precision molds, multi-cavity molds, two-shot molds, insert molds, unscrewing molds, gas-assisted molds, and die casting tools.

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We have over 19 years of injection molding experience in automotive parts and consumer goods sectors.

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Injection molding is a patient and meticulous process. Feel free to consult our professional production team. Save your time and money.