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Our automotive lighting prototype services specialize in headlights, taillights, fog lights, and turn signals. We transform your designs into high-quality, precise prototypes with exceptional detail and clarity.

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Automotive Lamp Lens Prototype

Custom Car Light Prototyping

Auto Lamp Lens Prototype

Automotive Lighting Design Prototypes

Automobile Light Prototype Development

We specialize in optical prototypes for automotive lighting, supporting your design evaluation, functional verification, and photometric development engineering tests. Our prototypes are as exquisite as art, ensuring your designs meet the highest standards. Highlight the benefits of your services, such as support in design evaluation, functional verification, and engineering tests, emphasizing the artistic quality and precision of your prototypes.

Auto Lamp Lens Prototyping

  1. Precision CNC Machining:We specialize in auto lamp lens prototyping, offering comprehensive CNC machining services. Our state-of-the-art 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC milling machines, equipped with tools capable of strokes exceeding 1 meter, ensure precise machining of clear plastic parts without any blemishes.
  2. Effective Splitting and Bonding Solutions: Our split and bond solutions offer cost-saving alternatives and overcome machining limitations. By employing suitable splitting solutions and fine finishing techniques, we ensure that any visible bonding lines on acrylic surfaces are virtually invisible, maintaining a seamless appearance.
  3. Highly Skilled Hand-Polishing: We prioritize the delicate transparency required for auto lenses by employing highly skilled hand-polishing techniques. From coarse to fine sand-polishing and from polish paste to polish liquid, we meticulously polish lenses to achieve the highest level of transparency.
  4. Prototype 2K Molding Achievement: Our prototyping capabilities extend to 2K molding solutions, offering a variety of cost-effective options. With urethane casting, we can achieve integrated 2K lens overmolding using two or more materials, ensuring versatility and efficiency in the prototyping process.

Auto Lamp Lens Prototype

We ensure your car light prototypes meet or exceed expected standards through our rigorous quality control systems and certifications (IATF 16949 and ISO 9001). Send us your drawings now to receive a precise custom car light quote!

Highly Skilled Hand Polishing

Precision Machining Of auto Optical Components

Hand Polished Auto Lamp Lens Prototype

At Modo Rapid, we demonstrate our expertise through:

  • Advanced production technologies, including German-imported 5-axis CNC machining and EDM.
  • Unmatched precision and complexity in our products.
  • Proficiency in handling and manufacturing specialized materials like carbon fiber.

Procuring High-Quality Car Light Prototypes Within Your Budget?

We offer a comprehensive range of manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, 3D printing, silicone molding, rapid aluminum tooling, injection molding, and sheet metal fabrication. As a 100% China-based factory, our prices are highly competitive.


Looking for High-Quality CNC Aluminum Reflectors?

At Modo Rapid, we specialize in crafting intricate surfaces and optical components with precision. Our state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machining ensures improved reflectivity, heightened illumination, and extended light range for vehicle light reflectors.

Our skilled engineers and machinists use advanced cutting techniques to meet demanding specifications. We achieve superior accuracy and flexibility with optimized NC programming, machining optical pattern features to a minimum radius of R0.10mm.

We prioritize surface quality, delivering a surface finish of Ra 0.2 μm and a tolerance of ±0.025mm. For complex parts, we utilize EDM machining and skilled hand polishing to ensure an optical mirror effect. Let’s discuss how we can meet your needs!

CNC Aluminum Reflector

Prototype Achieves 2K Molding

Looking for Efficient 2K Molding Solutions for Your Car Lights?

At Modo Rapid, we use multiple rapid prototyping methods to achieve 2K molding for dual-color car lights. Our cost-effective solutions include CNC rapid prototypes with dual-color masking spray paint and silicone mold vacuum casting to achieve overmolding with two or more materials. Let’s discuss how we can bring your vision to life!

Contact us today for a custom feasibility analysis of your automotive parts production!

Precision Machining for Optical Components

At Modo Rapid, we excel in:

  • 5-axis CNC machining for complex surface features
  • Using diamond cutting tools to achieve top surface quality
  • Machining down to R0.1mm to perfectly capture optical details

Our precision machining ensures a flawless appearance and helps your optical designer verify luminosity. Let’s discuss how we can bring your designs to life with unmatched accuracy and detail.

Automotive Lighting Prototype

Lamp Bezel

Our diffuse light emitters create a three-dimensional impression and ensure uniform illumination across the surface. Using 5-axis CNC continuous milling and mirror polishing, we produce transparent acrylic (PMMA) prototypes with exceptional surface quality.


Light Guide

We machine cylindrical light conductors, typically 7 to 10 mm in diameter, from PMMA or PC material in a single piece. This process ensures uniform linear illumination through total reflection along the prismatic column. Our attention to detail and use of ultra-precision cutting technology with hair-thin tools set a new standard in automotive lighting prototypes.


Light Blades

Our prismatic light conductors radiate LED light from the rear through the light guide to the front via total reflection, emphasizing the depth of the lighting system with additional lens structures on the sides. We specialize in precision machining of complex surfaces and provide expert rapid prototyping to support you in creating innovative and attractive lighting designs.

Urethane Casting for Small Batch

Need low-volume parts for lamp prototyping? Our urethane casting service is perfect for loading and unloading tests, checking working mechanisms, and manufacturability. With accurate and detailed prototypes, fast and affordable silicone molds, and a wide selection of engineering-grade polyurethane materials, we can deliver production-like results in most cases within 2 weeks, including mechanical characteristics, color, and surface finish.

Rapid Injection Molding

Looking for quick and reliable injection molding solutions? We offer rapid tooling with both aluminum and soft steel, providing low-volume injection molding to deliver your end-use molded parts within 2-5 weeks. We’ll guide you through every step, offering cost-effective and practical advice on designs, materials, production processes, and manufacturability. Let’s discuss how we can meet your needs efficiently and effectively!

From Small Batch Customization to Pre-Production

Rapid Injection Molding Aluminum and Soft Steel

automotive part prototyping

Prototypes Made by silicone Molds

Automotive Light Housing Prototype

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