Carbon fiber plastic CNC prototyping services

Carbon fiber plastic CNC prototyping services

carbon fiber automotive cnc machining services
Carbon Fiber+CNC/ 3D Printing Prototype Services


What’s the advantages of Carbon Fiber?
Carbon fibre composites are used for numerous applications, we usually use it in the manufacture of

cars and motorcycles, sports equipment, aircraft parts, etc.

The 6 advantages of carbon fiber

large uav drone wing custom cnc prototype

We have to say, carbon fiber is popular because of its strength. They are tough and strong. durable and hard wearing.


carbon fiber fishing partcarbon fiber CNC custom partCustom cnc machining motorcycle dashboard

If you are manufacturing something and want to keep the weight down,carbon fiber is actually very very light despite its strength. so it’s a great choice. The weight of carbon is amazing. Carbon is much lighter than aluminium.

Stress resistance

Prototypes made by carbon fiber is a long lasting and hard wearing. It because carbon doesn’t suffer from fatigue.

Corrosion resistance

custom airplane prototype

If you need prototyp that is durable in corrosive environments or in chemically-infused environment, then carbon fiber is ideal material you need to try.

Thermal friendly

Carbon fiber can easily cope with thermal stress due to its thermal expansion properties.


carbon fiber material prototype

Manufacturing with carbon fiber is a funny thing for our team. When your products with complex shapes and intricate patterns is needed to be manufactured, carbon is a flexible material that’s easy to form into a diverse range of materials, such as plastic.

At Modo Rapid, our carbon fiber prototype engineering team is staffed by experienced engineers and seasoned craftsmen.

Carbon fiber prototyping can range from simple test prototype to fully functional mass production assemblies. Often individual components and sub-assemblies go through extensive testing to verify design calculations and assure that the final product will meet all your specifications.

Modo Rapid prototype team aims for production-level quality, in both surface and function, even at the early stages of product development of your project.

carbon fiber material prototype
We will work with you to optimize the design, to put your idea for a new product or part on paper. Prototyping we made improves the design process by giving you something tangible that goes beyond 3d model. A rapid carbon fiber prototype makes the design process much better by provide a part in your hands quicker.

For more information of our carbon fiber prototyping services or to discuss your specific application’s needs, please don’t hesitate to contactModo Rapid.

As an expert manufacturer in the prototyping industry with decades of combined experience, we will try our best to get your satisfaction. We look forward to working with you on your new project.

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