CNC machining Aluminum alloy parts/prototypes

CNC Machining Aluminum alloy parts/prototypes

milling turning cnc steel 304 prototype

Modo Rapid is good at manufacturing CNC machining parts/prototypes. In addition, we can also provide perfect post-processing service for your customized parts. Once we get your quote, we will offer you in 8 hours, at most 24 hours.


Aluminum alloy is a very common material we used in CNC machining. What should be provide for CNC machining?

Drawing Format:

3D: .step, .stp, .igs, .prt , .sld, .CATPart.

2D: .dwg, .pdf, .cdr, .ai, other pictures format.

Materials suitable for CNC machining

turning lathe CNC stainless steel 304 prototype

turning lathe CNC stainless steel 304 prototype
All kinds of metal and plastic materials can be processed with incoming materials.

Aluminum alloy: 6061/6063/7075/2 a12 / LY12, etc.;

Stainless steel/steel: 303/304/310/310 l / 316/316 l / 45 steel / 40 Cr/Q235.

Other metals: brass, copper, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, electrical pure iron, etc.

Non-metal: ABS/PC/POM steel /PVC/PPS/PEEK/ Bakwood/Teflon PTFE/ acrylic (Plexiglass)/ nylon + glass fiber, etc.

Size of CNC machining components we offer

Single piece maximum 2000mm

(Pieces are not limited by size)

CNC machining accuracy

red anodizing aluminum part

red anodizing aluminum part
Metal parts: ±0.01mm; Plastic parts: ±0.02mm

We usually process according to the requirements of the drawings. If there is any position that the accuracy cannot meet, we will indicate it in the quotation, please pay attention to it.

Surface Finish for custom CNC machined prototypes

hard anodizing
micro-arc oxidation
grinding, polishing
oil injection
vacuum plating
electroless plating
screen printing
biting flowers
Chemical surface treatment: blue, black, phosphating, pickling, electroless plating of various metals and alloys, TD treatment, QPQ treatment, chemical oxidation, etc.

At Modo Rapid, you can have a range of choices. We provide exceptional rapid prototyping services, low-volume manufacturing services and rapid aluminum/steel tooling and mold services with over 17 surface finishing services to support your brilliant product development needs. Modo Rapid team works with you to take your product ideas a reality through CNC machining, vacuum casting, rapid tooling and sheet metal fabrication, etc. In addition, you can choose 30 materials as well. We are good at processing complex and special-shaped customized parts in CNC machining world. We cooperate with many well-known automobile companies. For more information, please contact Modo Rapid Project Management Team

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    discussAt AIXI Hardware, our focus
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    and low-volume manufacturing. Our international team of engineers
    and technicians are dedicated to making your custom parts using the most advanced equipment and techniques including
    3D metal printing, multi-axis CNC machining and plastic injection molding.


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