CNC Machining for Brass Parts

CNC Machining for Brass Parts

BRASS custom prototypes
What’s the character of brass?

Brass is a metal material. Due to its good corrosion resistance, brass widely used in transportation, electronics, construction, aerospace and other industries in today’s society. What are the main uses of brass in modern society? Brass is often used to make valves, water pipes, connecting pipes for internal and external air conditioners, and radiators. Brass seamless tubing can be used for heat exchangers and condensers, cryogenic piping, subsea transportation pipes. Manufacture of sheets, strips, bars, tubes, cast parts, etc. The brass content is 62% to 68%, the plasticity is strong, and it is used to manufacture pressure-resistant equipment.


BRASS custom prototypes

copper bicycle fastener
Brass Machining Applications
Screws and rivets
Valve stems
Musical instruments
Plumbing components
Automotive terminals
Door trim
We usually use Brass C260 and Brass C360


CNC machining copper gasket application

brass custom gasket prototypes

The brass washer is the part between the connecting piece and the nut. A brass alloy ring, usually of flat shape, used to protect the surface of the joint from chafing by nuts and to disperse nut pressure on the joint.

Defense is very widely used copper gaskets, gasket need pre-tightening load also each are not identical, such as low pressure water pump with thin flange gaskets need compression load is low, suitable for national defense, electricity, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, paper making, shipbuilding, transportation and other various fields of national economy, product specifications complete, stable quality, products are sold throughout the country.


Copper GASket can be cold, thermoplastic processing into a variety of semi-finished products and finished products, CNC lathe precision turning to ensure that the sealing surface is flat without warping, high-precision grinding to ensure that the metal surface and flange sealing surface closely fit. Bolt flange connection structure is usually adopted, so the bolts should be pretightened enough to meet the requirements of preliminary sealing during assembly, and precisely controlling the level of pretightening is a very tricky problem. Secondly, the gasket in this structure is a sealing element that is affected by many factors.

Copper spacer is made of high quality copper sheet with good weldability, annealed sheet at room temperature tensile strength of 22 ~ 25 kg force/mm, elongation of 45 ~ 50%, Brinel hardness (HB) of 35 ~ 45, the use of temperature is less than 400℃, The material is copper HPB59-1,H62,H65,H68 (RoHS) environmental protection copper, copper, silicon bronze, all kinds of aluminum bronze, tin bronze, manganese bronze, manganese brass and so on can meet the customer’s quenching, pickling and other requirements. The main source of leakage of process equipment, environmental pollution and product loss caused by leakage, the importance of using copper gasket seal is self-evident.

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