CNC Machining Mass Production Quality Control

CNC Machining Mass Production Quality Control

Modo inspection CMM department

Our company takes CNC machining technology as the core business to provide you with high-quality CNC machining and manufacturing services.

At Modo Rapid, you can have a range of choices. We provide exceptional rapid prototyping services, low-volume manufacturing services and rapid aluminum/steel tooling and mold services with over 17 surface finishing services to support your brilliant product development needs. Modo Rapid team works with you to take your product ideas a reality through CNC machining, vacuum casting, rapid tooling and sheet metal fabrication, etc. In addition, you can choose 30 materials as well. We are good at processing complex and special-shaped customized parts in CNC machining world. The quality of parts includes machining accuracy and surface quality.

We control product quality in 3 stages

Quality control before CNC machining Process:

large CNC turning prototype services

Before purchasing raw materials, Modo Rapid team will strictly require material suppliers to provide material certification reports. After the materials arrive, they will conduct sampling tests. Please cooperate with testing companies for a long time to conduct material testing on materials, and provide them according to customer requirements for special materials.

Quality control in CNC machining Process:

CNC metal prototype inspection

After the customer places an order, the project manager will accurately convey the production instructions to the production department, and then the production department will formulate the order production plan, and record the production situation at any time according to the customer’s drawings and delivery requirements. For bulk orders, the production department will first proof one piece. After the processing requirements such as size are completely correct, mass production will be arranged immediately, and parts will be randomly selected for re-inspection during the mass production process.

Quality control after CNC machining Process:

Modo inspection machine engineer

After all parts are completed, Modo Rapid team will let the inspection department carefully check the quality requirements of customers and arrange final inspection, so that customers will not receive unqualified parts; after the customer receives the parts and does testing, Modo Rapid Customer satisfaction and quality of parts will still be followed up in a timely manner.

Our cooperation starts with a trial order, or a quotation.

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