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Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Metal can undergo various manufacturing methods, with custom metal fabrication being one of the most versatile options. Custom metal fabrication encompasses processes like machining, precision cutting, welding, bending, and forming. Modo Rapid offers custom metal fabrication services, guaranteeing the success of your projects while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Metal Sheet Cutting Services

Sheet Cutting Services

Submit your CAD files to receive instant quotes for laser cutting or waterjet cutting of prototypes and production parts. No minimum order quantities required. Receive your parts in a matter of days with free standard shipping on all orders within the US.

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Custom Laser Cutting Service

Obtain high-quality laser-cut parts within days with our custom online laser cutting service. Benefit from free standard shipping on all orders shipped within the US.

Waterjet Cutting Service

Receive instant quotes and cost-effective, on-demand fabrication with our online waterjet cutting service. Enjoy free standard shipping on all orders shipped within the US.

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Plasma Cutting Service

Utilize our custom plasma cutting service for both prototyping and production part fabrication. Benefit from free standard shipping on all US orders. Please note that this service is subject to availability, and Xometry cannot guarantee its availability at all times.

Water-only waterjet cutting

CNC Machining

Experience precision machining with our CNC machining services. Upload your CAD files for a quick quote and efficient fabrication of your custom metal parts.

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What is Sheet Metal Forming?

Modo Rapid’s manufacturing services involve sheet metal forming technology, where sheet stock is procured in a flat state and then cut and shaped through a series of progressive steps to produce the desired parts. For a typical sheet metal project, the first step is akin to sheet cutting, utilizing machinery such as shears, lasers, waterjets, plasma cutters, or punch presses to create internal holes and edge features of the part. This process is also referred to as blanking.

Once the blank is generated, the subsequent step involves shaping the sheet metal using various tools, most commonly a brake press. A brake press can be either manual or automated and employs die inserts to achieve the desired angular bend, transforming the two-dimensional sheet into a three-dimensional object. Sheet metal forming can bend the part in multiple directions, enabling the creation of simple parts like brackets to highly intricate geometries that may necessitate custom die tools. Once the tools are in place, manufacturing subsequent sheet metal parts in production becomes very cost-effective. This renders sheet metal fabrication and forming ideal for low to high volume production.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Recommended Sheet Metal Manufacturing Specifications

Blank Size
Standard Lead Time
Sheet Thickness
General Tolerances
  • For single planes or flat parts:
    • +/- 0.010” on edge to edge, edge to hole, and hole to hole features.
    • +/- 0.010” on bend to edge/hole features.
  • For multi-planed bent parts:
    • +/- 0.030” for hole to hole/edge, edge to edge, and over-formed parts.
    • +/- 1 degree for bend angles. | | Braking (Hydraulic) | 10’ length, with fingers ranging from 3” – 6” | | Braking (Magnetic) | 6 tons of magnetic pull across the entire beam, with a minimum 5/8″ reverse bend | | Punching | Capacity for 2″ diameter holes, or larger upon request | | Welding | Capabilities include welding of edges, seams, weldments, and assemblies |

How Modo Rapid Sheet Metal Fabrication Works

Modo Rapid’s sheet metal fabrication process leverages advanced technology. Initially, CAD and drawing data are translated into machine code by our experts. Subsequently, state-of-the-art machinery such as laser cutters, waterjets, or plasma cutting systems precisely shape the sheet metal material as per specifications.

Our experienced technicians utilize brakes, punches, and dies to form the raw material into precise angular bends and features. Should assembly or additional post-processing be required, our team is equipped to handle welding, insertion of inserts, or applying finishing touches to the part.

With Modo Rapid, you benefit from the efficiency and precision of sheet metal fabrication, along with a diverse range of materials, fabrication options, and post-processing capabilities tailored to your needs. Our services cater to various industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, energy, industrial, medical, dental, and consumer products.

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Sheet Metal Materials Available at Modo Rapid

  • Aluminum: 5000 series, 6000 series, 7000 series
  • Copper: C10000 series
  • Bronze: C51000 series, C63000 series
  • Stainless Steel: 300 series, 400 series, 600 series
  • Steel: Low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel
  • Nickel Alloys: Inconel series, Monel series
  • Titanium: Grade 2, Grade 5

Sheet Metal Finishes

  • Standard: Typically involves removing any potential dirt or impurities to achieve a clean and smooth surface.
  • Bead Blast: Utilizes high-pressure air or a vortex of abrasive particles to uniformly roughen the surface, creating a textured finish.
  • Anodize (Type II Or Type III): Involves immersing aluminum surfaces in an acidic electrolyte solution and applying an electric current to form a dense oxide layer, enhancing corrosion resistance and wear resistance, with various color options available.
  • Chem Film (Chromate Conversion Coating): Enhances the corrosion resistance and conductivity of metal surfaces, typically yellow or transparent, commonly used for aluminum surfaces.
  • Powder Coat: Involves spraying powder onto the surface and then baking it at high temperatures to form a durable coating, providing corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and high-temperature protection.
  • Electroless Nickel Plating: Deposits a layer of nickel chemically onto the surface, offering high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and a uniform coating.
  • Gold Plating: Provides an elegant gold appearance, increasing corrosion resistance, commonly used in electronics, medical, and other fields.
  • Silver Plating: Offers high conductivity, corrosion resistance, and aesthetics, commonly used in electronics, jewelry, and other fields.

Guidelines for Designing Sheet Metal Components

Sheet Metal Design Guidelines

Applications and Benefits of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Streamlined Tooling

Sheet metal can swiftly undergo cutting into 2D profiles and shaping using a range of robust materials, making it an ideal choice for efficient tooling processes.

Swift Prototyping

With lead times commencing at just 3 days, absence of minimum order quantities, and economical per-unit costs, rapid sheet metal fabrication emerges as a prime solution for prototype development.

Final Product Manufacturing

As production volumes increase, per-unit costs experience a significant reduction. Coupled with the utilization of end-use materials and efficient throughput, sheet metal fabrication remains a widely recognized method for final product manufacturing.

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