Different Materials of Automotive Wheel Hub

What materials can be used for auto wheel hub?

Common materials we machined for auto wheel hub


custom Automotive Wheel Hub
Steel is used as the wheel hub for auto parts. In general, the car wheel hub is made of steel, it is also a relatively common material. The use of automotive steel wheel parts processing advantages are low cost, but its heat dissipation capacity is very poor, it is also easy to rust in rainy days.


Aluminum alloy

custom automotive Aluminium Alloy Front Tubeless Wheel Rims (2)
Use aluminum alloy to manufacture auto parts hub. The main material of aluminum alloy hub is aluminum, but added manganese, magnesium and other metal materials. It’s light compared to the steel hub. Our Modo Rapid CNC machining engineer uses aluminum alloy as the wheel hub of auto parts. This is because aluminum alloy is light compared with metal, which can effectively reduce the weight of the body and make the car more fuel efficient.

low volume Automotive Wheel Hub prototypes
custom automotive Aluminium Alloy Front Tubeless Wheel Rims

Magnesium alloy

Using magnesium alloy to manufacture automobile wheel hub. The main material of automotive magnesium alloy wheel hub is magnesium, and other metal materials are added. This kind of magnesium alloy machined car wheel hub is relatively light, corrosion and oxidation resistance, so it is now loved by car owners, its shock absorption performance is relatively good. The disadvantage of magnesium alloy processing is that the process of magnesium alloy is relatively high technical requirements, but Modo Rapid team has made great breakthroughs in this area.


Carbon fiber

Use carbon fiber composite material as wheel hub: Carbon fiber composite material is made of a composite material, the cost of carbon fiber auto parts hub is so high, so we usually use carbon fiber composite material for expensive cars. But it also has obvious advantages, its anti-noise performance is relatively good, even if damaged also easy to repair.


How to produce custom auto wheel hub?

CNC low volume production

If the designer agrees, we can carry out small-batch CNC machining. Our common auto parts processing technology is CNC+ lathe.

In additon, you can also choose other processes for your auto wheel hub.

aluminum alloy custom prototypes.webp
Forging: This forging process may include gravity casting and low pressure casting. The process of gravity forging is very simple. The liquid alloy is poured into the mold and formed naturally by gravity, which is quite low cost. Low pressure casting relies on a low pressure pressing die of liquid alloy. The hub produced by this method has relatively high metal density, relatively high strength, more complex shape and higher safety factor. At present, it is the machining mode of zero matching wheel hub of aluminum alloy automobile with relatively high yield and automation degree.

Casting: with the help of high pressure, the first heated alloy is pressed into the rough embryo of the hub, through the production line for secondary production and processing, of course, the shape is very simple, the surface of the hub is mostly simple and rough lines.

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