Internal & External Spur Gears

At Modo Rapid, we specialize in cutting custom internal and external spur gears using advanced milling, hobbing, and shaping techniques. Our capabilities extend across a variety of materials including brass, bronze, aluminum, cast iron, and various steels, as well as plastics. We proudly serve clients from numerous industries, ensuring that we can meet your specific spur gear needs.

Our spur gear capabilities include:

  • External Gears: We can manufacture external gears with diameters ranging from a minimum of 1/2” to a maximum of 48”. Our diametral pitch ranges from 96 to 2.0, module measurements from 0.25 to 12, and lengths up to 6” when shaping is applied.
  • Hobbed Gears: For hobbed gears, we can produce lengths up to 56”. Our internal gears feature a diameter range from 1” to 36”, with a diametrical pitch from 96 to 3.0, module from 0.25 to 8, and a maximum shaped length of 6”.

At Modo Rapid, we are dedicated to providing high-quality custom spur gears that match your exact specifications and requirements. Let us help you achieve precision and reliability in your projects with our expertise and comprehensive gear manufacturing services.

Internal & External Spur Gears

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