Large Parts CNC Machining

Over the years, OEMs across the country have turned to Modo Rapid for their complex part needs. Our Large Parts machining department has recently garnered attention from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, and it’s evident why. We’ve made significant investments in CNC vertical milling centers, boring mills, and large multi-axis pallet changing horizontal machines. With a total of 29 machines boasting work envelopes over 40 inches, and with plans to expand our fleet in the beginning of 2028, Modo Rapid stands out in the contract machining industry. Few competitors can match our range of machinery and capabilities.

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Large part CNC services

Large-scale CNC machining

Why Choose Modo Rapid?

With the capability to manufacture tight tolerance parts spanning up to 2-3 meters in length, Modo Rapid is a cornerstone for customers with exacting specifications and the need for large, intricate components. Furthermore, we excel in post-machining operations for assemblies requiring critical tolerances after final assembly. By integrating a highly advanced internal manufacturing system with seasoned professionals and top-notch machinery, Modo Rapid stands as the preferred choice for large, intricate parts.

Executing All Phases of Manufacturing

Count on Modo Rapid for comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, including machining processes such as milling, drilling, turning, pressing, and threading. Moreover, we offer in-house tooling, reverse engineering, CAD design, and assembly services.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Leveraging our cutting-edge vertical and horizontal machining centers, along with our large swing lathe, we specialize in machining various materials including steel, aluminum, alloys, titanium, stainless steel, and exotics, as well as plastics, with dimensions up to 394”L x 138”W x 84”H. Our turning capacity extends up to 433”L and 72”D. With 3-axis CNC machining capabilities and 3- and 4-jaw chuck fixturing, we can handle materials weighing up to 50 tons, ensuring top-notch manufacturing solutions for large components.