Custom Medical Device Prototyping

Experience top-notch manufacturing services for your bespoke medical prototypes and production components. Accelerate product launches, mitigate risks, and optimize production workflows through flexible, on-demand manufacturing at competitive rates.

  • Production of high-quality, production-grade components
  • ISO 9001:2015 & IATF 16949 certification ensures stringent quality standards
  • Access to 24/7 engineering support for seamless project execution

Take advantage of our comprehensive services to transform your medical device concepts into market-ready solutions efficiently and reliably.

Why manufacture medical parts with Modo Rapid?


At Modo Rapid, we boast extensive experience serving clients in the medical and healthcare sectors, crafting a wide range of parts including medical devices, components for medical equipment, anatomical models, and more. Whether you need early-stage prototypes or final production parts, we offer advanced facilities and specialized expertise to bring even the most intricate designs to life.


ISO 9001:2015 & IATF 16949 certification underscores our commitment to delivering safe and reliable parts that comply with stringent medical standards.

Our track record in medical prototyping ensures that your unique requirements are met with precision and quality.

production capacity

We have the capability to accommodate orders of all sizes, ranging from custom, one-of-a-kind patient-specific devices to the high-volume production of essential items like test tubes. Whether you need a unique, specialized solution or a large quantity of standardized components, we’re equipped to meet your manufacturing needs efficiently and effectively.

Medical-Grade Materials for Biocompatible Manufacturing

Our manufacturing capabilities encompass a diverse array of processes paired with a comprehensive selection of materials, specifically tailored for medical applications. Explore our range of medically suitable materials, such as titanium and silicone, ensuring compatibility and safety for biocompatible manufacturing needs.

Fast Turnaround Time

Benefit from our rapid production capabilities enabled by our extensive facilities and round-the-clock operations. With a dedicated 24/7 manufacturing schedule, we ensure efficient order fulfillment, regardless of order size or complexity.

Experienced and Proficient

With over a decade of specialized experience in medical part manufacturing, our expert engineers possess the knowledge and expertise needed to optimize your designs for superior outcomes. Trust our seasoned team to deliver exceptional results tailored to your specific requirements and objectives.

Streamlined Quoting Process

Experience our efficient quotation system, where our engineers promptly assess your designs to deliver rapid and precise project quotes. Benefit from quick turnaround times and responsive service to kickstart your project seamlessly.

Cutting-Edge Medical Prototyping and Manufacturing with Modo Rapid

Modo Rapid is equipped with a skilled team capable of fulfilling your medical part orders, utilizing diverse technologies and materials. Reach out to us to request a customized quote for your designs or to explore how we can support your specific needs within the medical industry.

Custom medical device manufacturing

Prototype development for medical devices

Innovative medical device prototyping

What Medical Parts Can We Produce?

In the medical and healthcare sectors, a diverse range of parts and prototypes is essential, crafted from various materials to meet critical requirements. These components vary from those in direct contact with the human body to those used within medical machinery and equipment. Key demands include:

– Precision manufacturing for critical parts and assemblies
– Use of biocompatible, non-toxic, or sterilizable materials
– Rigorous quality assurance through on-machine inspection and/or CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

Here are examples of medical parts we specialize in manufacturing:

– Prototypes and proof-of-concept models
– Anatomically accurate models for surgical planning and training
– Replacement components for medical devices
– Surgical instruments and tools
– Components for MRI and X-ray machines
– Parts for monitoring and diagnostic equipment
– Panels, tables, and carts used in medical settings
– Components for physiotherapy and rehabilitation devices
– Electronic parts and assemblies for medical devices
– Prosthetic limbs and orthotic devices
– Systems for medical fluid handling and delivery
– Components for biotechnology and life sciences applications
– Respiratory devices and accessories
– Handheld medical devices for diagnostics and treatment
– Ultrasound equipment and transducers
– Equipment for patient care and comfort

Count on us to deliver precision-engineered medical parts that meet stringent industry standards and contribute to advancing healthcare technology and patient care.

Advanced Medical Manufacturing Processes

Precision CNC Machining: Our CNC milling and turning capabilities enable the fabrication of both prototypes and production-grade parts with exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

Injection Molding: From low-volume prototype moldings to high-volume mass production, we offer comprehensive injection molding services tailored to your medical part requirements.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding: Utilizing inert and biocompatible liquid silicone rubber, we manufacture molded medical items such as fluid management systems and respiratory devices, ensuring safety and reliability.

3D Printing: Explore our advanced 3D printing services, which utilize cutting-edge additive manufacturing technologies to create metal or plastic components for medical applications. Whether for prototypes or production parts, we deliver innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Modo Rapid specializes in producing components for a wide range of medical devices, including fluid management systems, drug delivery devices, and respiratory aids. These devices often consist of intricate and complex parts, whether needed in low-volume for prototyping or larger quantities for production. We have the capacity and expertise to handle diverse manufacturing projects, whether it involves precision machining for electronic device components or fabricating stainless steel carts from sheet metal. Trust Modo Rapid to fulfill your order for critical medical device components efficiently and with precision.

Polycarbonate molding services

Anatomical models serve crucial functions within the medical field. In educational settings, they aid in training future doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals. Additionally, in clinical and surgical scenarios, these models assist in preoperative preparation by providing detailed insights into specific patient anatomy, facilitating procedure planning. Thanks to advanced digital manufacturing technologies like 3D printing, Modo Rapid simplifies the fabrication of anatomical models directly from 3D designs, offering efficient solutions for medical training and clinical applications.

Prototype testing for medical devices

Modo Rapid specializes in fabricating essential medical components such as surgical instruments, handheld devices, and fixtures using biocompatible materials like stainless steel, titanium, and PEEK. Our reliable manufacturing processes include CNC machining, molding, casting, and 3D printing, ensuring high-quality results. Whether you need prototypes or larger production volumes, we excel at fabricating complex designs or standard parts according to your precise specifications. Trust Modo Rapid for your critical medical part manufacturing needs.

Customized medical device fabrication