Marine Propeller and Rudder Shaft Side Thruster Gear

Modo Rapid manufactures custom gears and shafts for OEMs of marine propulsion systems and navigational equipment. We specialize in producing high-quality gears that meet the demanding requirements of marine environments. Our offerings include worms, worm gears, helical gears, spur gears, bevel gears, and gear parts and assemblies designed for marine applications.

Our precision gears are custom cut and ground to ensure optimal performance and durability in a variety of marine machinery. We supply gears for propellers, rudder shafts, side thrusters, winches, anchor handling equipment, and other vital components used in marine vessels. Whether it’s for commercial shipping, naval vessels, fishing boats, or recreational yachts, Modo Rapid provides the reliable gear solutions that the marine industry relies on for smooth and efficient operations.

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