PVC CNC Machining Part

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 PVC CNC Machining Part

PVC for CNC Machining

PVC, a widely used engineering plastic, is available in two main forms: plasticized and unplasticized PVC. Unplasticized PVC, commonly used in rigid applications like pipes and fittings, is typically preferred for CNC machining. On the other hand, plasticized PVC finds utility in flexible applications such as cables and small tubes. PVC boasts environmental benefits as its production requires fewer nonrenewable raw materials compared to most other plastics, making it a sustainable option. CNC machining PVC at Modo Rapid offers a seamless experience, leveraging its rigidity and hardness for easy machining.

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is valued for its excellent UV resistance, insulation properties, and resistance to moisture, making it a favored material in piping, construction, electrical, energy, and medical industries. Opt for PVC CNC machining with Modo Rapid’s 100% factory pricing and streamline your production process by collaborating directly with us, eliminating intermediaries.

Rigid PVC: Ideal for CNC Machining

Rigid / Unplasticized PVC, known for its durability and resistance to environmental factors, is a cost-effective option for CNC machining. This material yields low-cost parts with excellent mechanical properties, making it highly desirable for various applications. Its notable moisture and UV resistance render it ideal for use in piping and pipe fittings, ensuring longevity and reliability in outdoor settings.

With a tensile strength yield of 45.6 MPa, elongation at break of 110%, and a hardness rating of 80 Shore D, Rigid / Unplasticized PVC offers robust performance in CNC machining. Its heat deflection temperature of 72.5°C and UL 94 (1.5 mm) flammability rating of HB-5VA further enhance its suitability for diverse manufacturing needs. Available in gray color, this material provides versatility and consistency in producing high-quality parts for various industries.

Enhancing PVC: Finishing Options

Unlike many other engineering plastics, PVC offers the flexibility of being easily painted, both for aesthetic appeal and to prolong its outdoor durability. However, it’s important to note that while its mechanical properties remain consistent, transparent PVC may gradually discolor when exposed to sunlight or UV sources.

Painted Finish: Customize PVC with paint that won’t compromise its integrity, ensuring its mechanical properties are preserved. Opt for paint formulated specifically for PVC to maintain its durability.

As-Machined Surface: PVC lends itself well to machining, resulting in a smooth, glossy finish without the need for additional treatments.

Efficient Design Strategies for Cost Savings

While CNC machining in PVC already yields lightweight and economical components, consider the following tip to further reduce expenses:

Component Breakdown: PVC comes in sheet or bar stock of various sizes. Design your parts to utilize these standard sizes, allowing you to create components that can be assembled later into the final product. PVC adhesives are readily available and can be utilized to seamlessly join multiple sub-assemblies, offering a cost-effective solution for creating complex parts.

When designing for CNC machining in PVC, adhere to the same principles used for machining metals. By implementing machining design best practices, you can optimize your designs for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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