Rapid Tooling Services – Prototype Injection Molding Process

Rapid Tooling Services – Prototype Injection Molding

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What is Rapid Tooling?

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Rapid tooling is a tool for forming products of certain shape, size and surface precision with its specific shape. It is mainly used in mass production, although the mold production and manufacturing costs are relatively high, however, if for mass production, the cost of each product is greatly reduced.

Traditional forging or profile is used by the method of mechanical machining for mould, the design cycle is long, the production cost is high, especially for complex shape or has the inner cavity of the mold, forging and machining are very difficult, even can not achieve the development of modern industry, more and more high to the requirement of mould technology since modern mold technology, is the direction of the following:

(1)The precision requirement of high-precision modern die is at least one level higher than that of traditional die;

(2) The life of the modern mold is twice as long as the life of the traditional mold, such as the modern mold can reach more than ten thousand times, the highest can reach hundreds of millions of times;

(3) High productivity due to the use of multi-station progressive mold, multi-energy mold, multi-cavity injection mold and layered injection mold and other advanced mold, can greatly improve the productivity, so as to bring significant economic benefits such as four station injection mold production plastic soda bottle, can produce more than ten thousand pieces per hour;

(4) complex structure with the diversification and individuation of social needs and the wide application of many new materials and new processes, the requirements for the structure form and cavity of modern mold are also increasingly complex.


If the traditional mold manufacturing method is adopted, it is not only high cost, low productivity, but also difficult to ensure the quality requirements of the mold. 2. Design and manufacturing technology of traditional mold Cannot meet the market demand for the mould, so, for a long time fast, flexible production, low cost, high life, conform to the requirements of the use of mould as mould manufacturing is an urgent need to solve the problem that technology is applied to the mould manufacturing, form a kind of brand-new mould manufacturing technology – based on the good quick die manufacturing technology, is a hot point of technology, a new study.


Mold making process

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Mold in the process of manufacturing, need to follow the prescribed process, in order to ensure the precision of the mold and product quality. Mold making is a complex process, in the processing, we must keep it accurate. What is the mold processing process? Let’s talk about it in detail.

The mold processing process generally includes: die blank preparation – parts rough processing – semi-finishing – heat treatment – finishing – cavity surface treatment – mold assembly – machine debugging.

Die blank preparation

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The die blank is mostly made by metal. Taking forging as an example, the raw materials for forging are generally bars, plates and pipes. The operator is mainly selected according to the specific shape and geometric size of the blank. For sheet blanks, ordinary blanking or precision blanking can be used. If you need to forge the ring, you can also use pipe cutting billet.


Parts rough processing

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The semi-finish stage completes the finishing of the secondary surface and prepares the primary surface for finishing.


Heat treatment

Heat treatment is to put the material in a certain medium heating, heat preservation, cooling, by changing the material surface or internal structure, to control its performance of a comprehensive process. Heat treatment process generally includes heating, insulation, cooling three processes, sometimes only heating and cooling two processes. These processes are interconnected and uninterruptible.

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Finish machining

The machining allowance for finishing machining is smaller than that for rough machining. Select good props for cutting, control the speed and speed of props, and pay attention to the size and gloss appearance of materials.


Cavity surface treatment

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Different surface treatment methods of the die can change the chemical composition, structure and properties of the surface of the die, and greatly improve and enhance the surface properties of the die. For example, hardness, wear resistance, friction performance, demoulding performance, heat insulation, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance and other properties. This step to improve the quality of mold, greatly reduce production costs, improve production efficiency and give full play to the potential of mold materials have very important significance.


Mold assembly

According to certain specified technical requirements, parts are combined into components, and combined into parts or even the whole machine process. There are two forms of assembly, one is fixed assembly, the other is mobile assembly. Different assembly methods are used for different batch production.

In the assembly process, some mold parts need to be polished and trimmed. The main content of mold assembly is to assemble the processed mold parts and standard parts into a complete mold according to the requirements of the general assembly drawing of the mold. After mold test, some parts need to be adjusted and trimmed, so that the mold production parts meet the requirements of the drawing, and the mold can work normally continuously, the mold processing is completed.


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