Top 10 Rapid Prototyping China Manufactuer

Top 10 Rapid Prototyping China Manufactuer

Rapid Prototyping China has been a keywords hot researched recent years. If you are looking for professional rapid tooling manufacturer partner in China, you should not miss this article. According to the database searched by google and the professionalism of the factory, we list the top 10 brands in China for reference. At the end of the article, you will also know how to choose a Chinese supplier. Size is not the first factor, but professionalism is an important factor.

NICE Rapid

CNC plastic ABS automotive prototype

Their core services include rapid tooling of aluminium and steel molds, rapid injection molding, rapid die casting and rapid CNC machining. It offers a wide variety of rapid tooling and low volume production manufacturing services. Whether you require a one off part for fit and function, a small batch run for product performance testing and marketing or a full low volume production, it has the solution for you.


turning milling CNC stainless steel 304 prototype

Its services cover rapid prototyping, rapid tooling & molding, plastic injection tooling & molding, die casting, metal stamping. ProtoWe is a important brand that WeLink deploys in rapid manufacturing. Their rapid prototyping services include CNC prototyping, 3D printing, vacuum casting, rapid molding, sheet metal prototyping, and prototype finishing.


Rapid mode

milling turning cnc steel 304 prototype

At Modo Rapid, we provide a range of choices and exceptional rapid prototyping services, low-volume manufacturing services, and rapid aluminum/steel tooling and mold services with over 17 surface finishing services to support your brilliant product development needs. Modo Rapid team works with you to take your product ideas a reality through CNC machining, vacuum casting, rapid tooling, sheet metal fabrication, etc. In addition, you can choose 30 materials as well. We are good at processing complex and special-shaped customized parts in the CNC machining world. We cooperate with many well-known automobile companies.


HLH prototype

turning stainless steel drilling component

They provide Rapid CNC Machining Rapid Prototypes & 3D Printing Rapid Injection Molding & Tooling Rapid Sheet Metal Work Rapid Die Casting Rapid Vacuum Casting (Urethane Casting) Rapid Carbon Fiber for customers all around the world. Flexible project solutions that fit your specific project requirements. Our MOQ starts at 1 for prototypes and typically goes up to 100,000 parts.


TEAM Rapid

Steel CNC Machining Drilling Services

They specialize in producing high quality rapid prototypes at low cost. With a range of services and technologies, they are a one-stop-shop for all your rapid prototyping needs. They are professional engineering supports starts from prototyping to volume production. They offer a range of solutions to help you moving from prototyping to production. CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Pressure Die Casting and Stamping are the main production processes.


APT Mold

stainless steel custom fastener

It is a high-quality manufacturing company located in Southern China. They specialize in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, and low-volume manufacturing as well as mass production. Their many years of experience in manufacturing allow us to provide suggestions for DFM (Design For Manufacturability) as part of our quoting process. Their recommendations will help you optimize your design and reduce manufacturing costs.


CPIM Rapid

brass custom part

It specializes in fully integrated design and manufacturing of electronic products. CPIM specializes in molds and complex plastic assemblies. They offer customers a significant cost reduction (often > 50%) both on injection molds and the production of custom plastic assemblies. China plastic injection molding is a complex process, too complex to try to do it in-house; it needs to be outsourced to an expert company, and follow up the process thoroughly.


Rapid Direct

blue anodizing aluminum component

They dedicated team of creative, strategic, and engineering experts is ready to take on your mission-critical projects in the most efficient ways. From prototyping to productions, they are leading the rapid prototyping revolution. RapidDirect has continued to expand rapid prototyping capabilities by providing clients, from startups to established businesses, with access to quality parts on demand. Our services include CNC machining​, injection molding​, sheet metal fabrication​, and 3D printing​.


RP Group Limited

China factory metal rapid prototype

They provide the flexibility to order production in low quantities using processes such as CNC machining, vacuum casting with silicone moulds and low volume injection moulds until they are ready for higher volume options. This helps get the product to market faster at a lower cost and risk. RP specialises in both fit and functional prototypes to production representative parts suitable for sales and marketing samples.


Wayken Rapid

sand blasting aluminum prototype

WayKen is a prototyping company and rapid manufacturer specializing in rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing of plastic and metal parts, providing a one-stop-shop from prototype to production. It custom manufacturing services to meet customers’ specific product design needs, including CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, rapid tooling and injection molding.


How To Choose The Right Rapid Tooling Partner

Modo Rapid steel custom parts

the size of the rapid tooling supplier

The ideal size of mold supplier is the same size as your company, the price of the mold you are providing is attractive to him, or your company can establish a long-term cooperative relationship with him, or the industry your company is in is exactly what they want. For example, if your company is in the automotive industry, a supplier who has never produced auto parts molds may be interested in you, because if he supplies you with products, it can be said to have entered the door of this industry, and will give you later It’s easier for other companies to do it. Modo Rapid specialize in custom automotive parts and has over 11 years of rapid tooling experience of automotive components.

How does they control the quality and tolerance

Modo Rapid in spection department

The principle of the supplier’s production capacity and quality control capability is also sufficient. How much precision parts do you need to process, you can match suppliers with as many capabilities as possible. For example, if your mold accuracy is within 0.01mm, then the mold supplier may need to use slow wire cutting or EDM, or even constant temperature workshop. Only the workshop can meet the requirements, and there are inspection tools and equipment such as three coordinates with sufficient accuracy to ensure the delivery quality of the mold.

Production plan and quotation

Before build the business partnership, the supplier should be asked to list the project cycle and time node of product processing in detail, such as how long the technical exchange will take and what to do. How long does it take for blanking, roughing, finishing, heat treatment, and fine grinding? Whether each process can be carried out immediately after the pre-processing, and whether there is a risk of delivery. Through the quotation, you can see the cost control ability of the supply and his cooperative attitude. We need to notice that don’t be greedy for cheap and squeeze the profits of suppliers, because in China, you get what you pay for. An unprofitable business may affect the quality of your rapid tooling.


Production process

In the process of product production, it is necessary to inspect their implementation according to the project cycle and time node reported by the supplier before. Once there is an abnormality, immediately analyze the cause and discuss the treatment and remedial measures.

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