Top 8 Wire EDM Machine Manufacturers of 2024

Are you struggling to choose the right wire EDM machine? With the rapid advancements in technology, deciding which brand to trust can be daunting. Wire EDM is a go-to for precision metal cutting, but with so many options, how do you pick the best one? Let’s dive into the top 8 wire EDM machine manufacturers of 2024, known for their exceptional performance and reliability, to help you make an informed decision.

what is EDM machine

What is EDM Machine?

An EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) machine is a cutting-edge tool used to shape and cut hard metals and conductive materials with remarkable precision. It operates by generating electrical discharges (sparks) between a wire electrode and the workpiece, causing the metal to melt or vaporize in the areas of contact. This process, which involves no physical contact, enables the creation of intricate and highly accurate designs, making EDM an essential technology in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing.


Mitsubishi’s wire EDM machines are highly regarded for their precision, innovative technology, and user-friendly design. Here are some unique features that make Mitsubishi stand out in the wire EDM market, and why you might find them particularly beneficial:

1. Cylindrical Drive Motor: Imagine having a machine that moves with the smoothness of a dancer. Mitsubishi’s cylindrical drive motor does just that. It utilizes a round permanent magnetic-filled shaft and surrounding coil forcer to maximize the full power and efficiency of the 360-degree magnetic flux available. This non-contact design ensures smooth, friction-free motion, minimizing heat output and interference from metallic shop dust, unlike traditional flat-plate linear drives​ (Millennium Machinery)​​ (Mitsubishi Electric)​.

2. Power Master Control: If you’ve ever worried about maintaining stability during complex cuts, you’ll love the Power Master Control system. It provides exceptional process stability by adjusting cutting and flushing parameters in real-time to handle obstacles like stepped workpiece shapes and boreholes. This ensures a stable and accurate cutting process, making your job easier and more reliable​ (Mitsubishi Electric EDM)​.

3. Advanced Automation and IoT Integration: Are you looking to bring your manufacturing process into the modern era? Mitsubishi’s MV-R Series features the D-CUBES control unit, which leverages IoT technology to enhance machining accuracy and productivity. This system supports seamless integration with various automation solutions, allowing for efficient and flexible manufacturing processes​ (Mitsubishi Electric EDM)​​ (Mitsubishi Electric)​.

4. High-Performance Generators: For those of you needing exceptional surface quality, the MP Series includes the new SD-FS fine finishing generator. It delivers a surface roughness of 0.05 µm, designed for high-precision applications, ensuring superlative finishes and accurate machining. This feature is perfect for achieving those flawless surfaces your projects demand​ (Mitsubishi Electric EDM)​.

5. Enhanced Wire Threading Technology: Mitsubishi’s wire EDM machines feature innovative automatic wire threading systems, including a new annealing system that improves wire threading with a curl ratio of less than 10%. This means more reliable threading, even with thick workpieces and submerged conditions, helping you maintain productivity without the hassle of frequent adjustments​ (Mitsubishi Electric)​​ (Mitsubishi Electric)​.

6. Opt Drive System (ODS): If precision is your top priority, you’ll appreciate the Opt Drive System in the MV1200-S, which provides circular accuracy within 1µm. This is achieved through its next-generation drive system and optimized machine structure, ensuring your cuts are consistently precise and meet tight tolerances​ (Mitsubishi Electric)​.

7. Energy Efficiency: Concerned about energy costs? Mitsubishi’s wire EDM machines are designed with energy efficiency in mind, reducing operating costs and environmental impact. They offer features like low power consumption and cost management screens to help you plan your budgets effectively, making them not just a precision tool, but a cost-effective one too​ (Mitsubishi Electric)​.

High precision EDM


ONA’s wire EDM machines are known for their innovation, precision, and advanced technology. Here are some unique features that set ONA apart in the wire EDM industry, and why you might find them particularly beneficial:

1. Modular Design: Imagine having the flexibility to handle a variety of part sizes and configurations with ease. ONA’s wire EDM machines feature a highly flexible modular design, allowing for more than 20 different combinations. This versatility enables you to adapt the machine to various machining needs, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. For instance, the AV130 model is renowned for its ability to machine extremely large parts with high precision​ (ONA EDM)​​ (ONA EDM)​.

2. Powerful and Intuitive CNC System: ONA’s wire EDM machines come equipped with one of the most powerful CNC systems in the industry. The new numerical control system features a 23” touch interface with intuitive menus and real-time information, allowing you to easily control and optimize the machining process. The system includes ONA Script programming for custom setups and process automation, enhancing your productivity and efficiency​ (ONA EDM)​​ (ONA EDM)​.

3. High-Speed Cutting and Efficiency: If you’re looking to save time on your projects, ONA’s advanced generators enable high-speed cutting, providing up to 30% time savings compared to conventional machines. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for large-scale projects, ensuring you get faster turnaround times without compromising on quality​ (ONA EDM)​​ (ONA EDM)​.

4. Precision and Reliability: ONA’s machines are designed to deliver high precision and reliability. The AV series, for instance, guarantees accurate machining of extremely hard materials like titanium. These machines maintain precision down to a thousandth of a millimeter, ensuring you achieve the perfect finish for even the most demanding applications​ (ONA EDM)​.

5. Large Workpiece Capacity: Need to handle heavy-duty applications? ONA offers some of the largest wire EDM machines on the market, capable of handling workpieces weighing up to 10,000 kg (22,000 lbs). This capacity makes them ideal for industries such as aerospace and automotive, ensuring you can take on larger projects with confidence​ (ONA EDM)​.

6. User-Friendly Interface: ONA designs its machines with usability in mind. The touch screen interface allows you to easily manipulate the workpiece in a 3D environment, providing a straightforward and efficient way to manage complex machining tasks. This user-friendly design reduces the learning curve, enhancing your overall productivity​ (ONA EDM)​​ (ONA EDM)​.

7. Eco-Friendly Operation: If sustainability is a priority for you, ONA’s commitment to eco-friendly operation will be a big plus. They incorporate energy-saving features that reduce power consumption and innovative filtration systems that minimize environmental impact. This not only helps you save on operating costs but also supports your efforts to be more environmentally responsible​ (ONA EDM)​.


Makino’s wire EDM machines stand out in the market due to several unique and advanced features that set them apart from competitors. Here’s why you might find Makino machines particularly beneficial:

1. Low Wire Consumption: Are you looking to save on operational costs? Makino’s EDM machines use significantly less wire compared to other EDM machines. They consume half the amount of wire typically used, resulting in substantial long-term savings on operational costs. This feature directly addresses one of the biggest expenses in wire EDM operations​ (Makino)​​ (Makino)​.

2. Hyper-i Control System: If you appreciate user-friendly technology, you’ll love the Hyper-i control system in Makino’s EDM machines. This interface, similar to a smartphone or tablet, simplifies machine operation with a large HD touch screen. It includes advanced functions like hyper-linked digital manuals, video tutorials, and intelligent tools such as E-Tech Doctor and EZ-Cut, which enhance your productivity and reduce training requirements​ (Makino)​​ (Makino)​​ (Newline Machine Tool)​.

3. BellyWIZARD Adaptive Control Technology: Makino has developed BellyWIZARD technology, which automatically compensates and adjusts the wire based on the workpiece thickness. This ensures optimal part straightness and precision, enhancing your overall machining accuracy and reliability​ (Makino)​.

4. Dual Flush Pump Configuration: Imagine a machine that dynamically adjusts flushing in real-time. Makino’s wire EDM machines feature a fully digital dual flush pump system that provides double the horsepower in flushing capacity, ensuring optimal performance and productivity by applying the necessary flush precisely where and when it’s needed​ (Makino)​.

5. H.E.A.T. Technology: If you need speed without sacrificing quality, the HyperDrive Extreme Wire Guide System and H.E.A.T. (High Energy Applied Technology) configuration in Makino’s EDM machines enable greater tensioning precision and higher flushing capacity. This technology significantly speeds up machining processes while maintaining accuracy and quality​ (Makino)​​ (Makino)​.

6. Advanced Automation Capabilities: Makino’s EDM machines are designed for easy automation, offering optimized settings for various applications. They support 24/7 production with minimal supervision, making them ideal for high-volume and precision-focused manufacturing environments. This means you can rely on your machine to keep working efficiently around the clock​ (Makino)​​ (Newline Machine Tool)​.

7. Comprehensive Digital Support: The machines come with digital onboard electronic manuals and instructional training videos, providing you with all the necessary resources to stay productive. This comprehensive digital support helps minimize downtime and maximize your efficiency​ (Makino)​​ (Newline Machine Tool)​.

8. Versatility in Applications: Makino offers a range of wire EDM machines suitable for diverse applications, from micromachining to handling large workpieces. This versatility ensures that you can find a machine tailored to your specific needs, whether you require high precision, speed, or both​ (Makino)​​ (Newline Machine Tool)​.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)


FANUC’s wire EDM machines, known as the ROBOCUT series, are highly regarded for their reliability, precision, and advanced technology. Here are some unique features that make FANUC stand out in the wire EDM market, and why you might find them particularly beneficial:

1. High Reliability and Low Maintenance: If you’re looking for a machine that you can rely on, FANUC’s ROBOCUT machines are designed for long mean times between failures. This ensures high uptime and reduced maintenance needs, so you can trust the machine to perform consistently over long periods, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs​ (fanucamerica)​​ (Fanuc)​.

2. Advanced iHMI User Interface: You’ll appreciate the user-friendly design of the FANUC 31i-WB control with the new iHMI (intelligent Human-Machine Interface). Mimicking the interface of smartphones and tablets, this system makes it easier for you to navigate and use the machine, significantly reducing the learning curve and training time​ (Methods Machine Tools)​​ (Methods Machine Tools)​.

3. Core Stitch Function: Ever worry about parts moving during long machining processes? FANUC’s CORE STITCH function holds slugs in place until the entire process is complete. This feature is particularly useful for complex and lengthy machining operations, ensuring that parts do not move during the process and maintaining high accuracy​ (Fanuc)​​ (Methods Machine Tools)​.

4. Fast and Reliable Automatic Wire Threading: The AWF3 (Automatic Wire Feeding) system in FANUC’s ROBOCUT machines is a real time-saver. It provides fast and reliable automatic wire threading, capable of threading the wire in just 10 seconds under non-submerged conditions and even in submerged conditions up to 500 mm. This ensures continuous operation without manual intervention, making your workflow smoother​ (Robocut)​​ (Methods Machine Tools)​.

5. High Cutting Speed and Precision: If you need both speed and precision, FANUC’s discharge control technology, iPulse3, ensures high performance in cutting by optimizing corner control and step shape control. This technology allows for faster cutting speeds without compromising on precision, making these machines ideal for high-precision applications​ (Fanuc)​​ (Methods Machine Tools)​.

6. Thermal Monitoring and Compensation: To maintain high accuracy and quality in your final product, FANUC’s machines come equipped with advanced thermal monitoring and compensation features. This ensures that thermal displacement is accounted for during the machining process, giving you consistently accurate results​ (Methods Machine Tools)​​ (Methods Machine Tools)​.

7. Compact and Ergonomic Design: The new-generation ROBOCUT α-CiC series features a compact design, making it easier to fit into various shop layouts. These machines are also designed for easy automation, allowing for straightforward integration with robotic systems for loading and unloading, which enhances productivity and efficiency in your workspace​ (Fanuc)​​ (FANUC)​.

8. High-Performance Cutting for Complex Geometries: FANUC’s ROBOCUT machines are capable of handling complex shapes and geometries, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical. Their ability to cut thick, stepped, and tapered parts with high accuracy ensures versatility and adaptability for your different machining needs​ (fanucamerica)​​ (FANUC)​.


Sodick’s wire EDM machines are renowned for their precision and innovative technology. Here are some key unique features that set Sodick apart in the wire EDM industry, and why you might find them particularly beneficial:

1. Rigid Linear Motor Drives: Sodick’s wire EDM machines utilize advanced rigid linear motor drives, ensuring smooth, vibration-free movement for superior positioning and machining accuracy. If you’re tired of dealing with backlash in traditional ball-screw systems, you’ll appreciate that this design completely eliminates that issue. This technology is backed by a 10-year positioning accuracy guarantee, ensuring long-term precision you can rely on​ (Sodick Inc.)​​ (Sodick)​​ (Sodick)​.

2. Smart Pulse Generator: The Smart Pulse Generator in Sodick machines reduces the number of cuts required to achieve desired accuracy and surface finish. This not only saves you time but also reduces operational costs, making the machining process more efficient and economical​ (Sodick)​​ (Sodick)​.

3. Intelligent Q³vic Technology: Imagine being able to import 3D CAD files and have the machine automatically detect the profiles that can be machined and extract the necessary contours. Sodick’s Intelligent Q³vic technology does just that, significantly reducing programming time and enhancing your productivity and ease of use​ (Sodick)​​ (Sodick)​.

4. Eco-Friendly Design: Concerned about energy consumption? Sodick’s wire EDM machines are designed to be eco-friendly, reducing energy consumption by up to 60% compared to conventional EDM machines. This is achieved through various energy-saving technologies, including the recycling of unused discharge pulses, helping you save on costs while being environmentally responsible​ (Sodick Inc.)​​ (Sodick Inc.)​.

5. Submerged Machining Capability: Sodick’s machines feature submerged machining capabilities, which enhance performance for workpieces with poor flushing conditions. This feature is particularly beneficial if you’re machining irregular shapes and parts that require taper angles, as it stabilizes the thermal environment around the work zone​ (Sodick)​.

6. High-Speed Automatic Wire Threader: The high-speed automatic wire threader (AWT) in Sodick machines improves wire straightness, enhancing threading reliability, especially at larger Z heights. This system allows for threading in both submerged and non-submerged modes, increasing your overall productivity and minimizing downtime​ (Sodick Inc.)​​ (Sodick)​.

7. User-Friendly CNC Smart Control: Sodick’s SPW (Smart Pulse Wire) control system, featuring a Windows-based interface, streamlines operation with a large multi-touch screen and user-friendly functionalities. This control system supports both 2D and 3D graphics, making it easier for you to program and monitor the machining process​ (Sodick)​​ (Sodick)​.

8. Advanced Motion Controller: The Sodick Motion Controller (K-SMC) accurately manages the high-speed and precise movements of the linear motor drives. Developed with advanced technology, this controller ensures rapid acceleration and precise positioning, crucial for maintaining high-quality machining results that you can count on​ (Sodick)​​ (Sodick)​.

EDM precision machining


AgieCharmilles wire EDM machines, produced by GF Machining Solutions, are highly regarded for their precision, reliability, and advanced features. Here are some unique aspects that make AgieCharmilles stand out in the wire EDM market and why you might find them particularly useful:

1. Spark Track and ISPS (Intelligent Spark Protection System): If you’re concerned about wire breakage during complex cuts, you’ll appreciate the Spark Track platform combined with ISPS. This system monitors and optimizes the spark distribution along the wire, automatically adjusting cutting parameters to prevent wire breaks. This feature ensures a safer and more efficient cutting process without the need for fine-tuning, so you can focus on achieving perfect results from the very first cut​ (Spaener)​​ (Peak Machine Sales)​.

2. iWire and Smart Wire Technology: AgieCharmilles has introduced iWire, an add-on software module that adapts the wire speed in real-time based on Spark Track data. This not only reduces wire consumption but also enhances the cutting efficiency for parts with large height differences. Additionally, SMART wire spools are equipped with RFID chips for storing wire characteristics and traceability data, ensuring the correct use of wire every time, which can significantly reduce your operational costs​ (Spaener)​​ (Peak Machine Sales)​.

3. Turbo Tech for Enhanced Speed and Precision: If speed is a priority for you, Turbo Tech offers an excellent compromise between cutting speed and accuracy. This technology works well in both good and poor flushing conditions, integrating seamlessly with the Uniqua control system or AC CUT HMI. It shortens total processing time and reduces wire consumption, making your machining process both fast and cost-effective​ (Spaener)​​ (Peak Machine Sales)​.

4. Uniqua User Interface: The Uniqua HMI (Human-Machine Interface) is designed to simplify the operator’s work. This user-friendly interface adapts to your workflow, allowing for easy management of shop floor tasks and quick program modifications. Integrated assistance and instructions are available at all times, making it suitable for both experienced operators and beginners​ (Spaener)​​ (Peak Machine Sales)​.

5. Integrated Collision Protection (ICP): Worried about potential machine damage? The Integrated Collision Protection (ICP) system on all five axes of AgieCharmilles CUT P machines prevents damage and eliminates costly downtime even at maximum axis-travel speeds. This feature ensures that your machine stays operational and efficient, safeguarding your investment​ (Peak Machine Sales)​​ (GF Machining)​.

6. Polymer Granite Construction: For improved thermal stability and vibration dampening, AgieCharmilles machines are constructed using polymer granite. This material enhances the machine’s rigidity, ensuring high precision and repeatability in your machining operations​ (Peak Machine Sales)​.

7. Advanced Taper Cutting Capabilities: The TAPER-Expert technology in AgieCharmilles machines allows you to cut angles from 0 to 30 degrees, with an option to extend to 45 degrees. This feature ensures taper accuracy and geometric reference accuracy throughout the taper cut, making it ideal for complex geometries​ (Machinery)​.

8. Automation Solutions: To boost your productivity, AgieCharmilles offers new automation solutions like Automatic Slug Management (ASM) and Automatic Slug Welding (ASW). These features reduce processing time in lights-out production environments by up to 20%. Additionally, integration with robots such as the System 3R WorkPartner 1+ facilitates automatic loading and unloading of parts, enhancing overall efficiency​ (Spaener)​​ (Peak Machine Sales)​.


Charmilles, now part of GF Machining Solutions, offers wire EDM machines that stand out due to their precision, innovative technology, and user-friendly features. Here are some key aspects that set Charmilles apart and why you might find them beneficial:

1. Twin Wire Technology: Imagine having the flexibility to use two different wire diameters for various stages of your machining process. Charmilles’ CUT X series allows you to switch between a larger wire for the main cut and a thinner wire for achieving smaller radii, ensuring both speed and precision. This technology provides you with longer autonomy and reduces contamination by using wires with identical diameters but different coatings​ (GF Machining)​​ (Metalworking News |)​.

2. Thermal Compensation: One of the standout features of Charmilles machines is their advanced thermal compensation. This ensures ultra-high contour accuracy even with significant temperature changes during long cutting cycles. If you’re working in environments with fluctuating temperatures, this feature helps maintain consistent precision​ (Metalworking News |)​.

3. Smart Wire Technology: Charmilles machines are equipped with SMART wire technology, using RFID chips to store wire characteristics and traceability data. This system helps you achieve full traceability and optimize your production process by automatically adjusting parameters based on wire properties, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual adjustments​ (GF Machining)​​ (Peak Machine Sales)​.

4. Integrated Collision Protection (ICP): Worried about potential crashes during operation? Charmilles’ machines come with integrated collision protection on all axes, which prevents downtime in case of a crash. This feature ensures that your machine and workpiece remain safe, minimizing interruptions and potential damage​ (Peak Machine Sales)​.

5. UNIQUA Human-Machine Interface (HMI): Charmilles’ UNIQUA HMI is designed to be extremely user-friendly, providing you with a large multi-touch screen and intuitive controls. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, this interface simplifies machine operation, reduces the learning curve, and enhances productivity​ (GF Machining)​​ (Peak Machine Sales)​.

6. SparkTrack and iWire Functions: To maximize cutting efficiency and wire usage, Charmilles’ SparkTrack technology can precisely identify where sparks occur during the wire-cutting process. This, combined with the iWire function that adapts wire speed to changing erosion conditions, helps reduce wire breakage and consumption, ensuring a smooth and efficient machining process​ (Peak Machine Sales)​.

7. Polymer Granite Construction: The construction of Charmilles machines using polymer granite offers improved thermal stability and vibration dampening. This material choice ensures better machining accuracy and surface finish, even under demanding conditions​ (Peak Machine Sales)​.

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Seibu’s wire EDM machines are distinguished by several unique and advanced features that set them apart in the industry. Here’s why you might find Seibu machines particularly beneficial:

1. Hand Scraped Meehanite Castings: Seibu machines feature hand-scraped meehanite castings, ensuring complete flatness and high precision. This meticulous process eliminates imperfections, providing a stable and accurate machining base. If you’re looking for consistent accuracy, this feature ensures that every machine meets the highest standards​ (KGKI)​​ (KGKI)​​ (Machine Hub)​.

2. Absolute Glass Scale Feedback: One of the standout features is the absolute glass scale feedback system. This system provides real-time position data, ensuring that your machining operations are precise and reliable. It helps you achieve the exact dimensions and tolerances required for high-precision parts​ (KGKI)​​ (Machine Hub)​.

3. 100% Made in Japan: Seibu prides itself on the quality and craftsmanship of its machines, all of which are 100% made in Japan. This guarantees a level of quality and reliability that you can trust, knowing that each machine is built to the highest standards​ (KGKI)​​ (Machine Hub)​.

4. Seibu Smart NC Control: The Seibu Smart NC Control, featuring Fanuc Drives/Control, is designed for ease of use. With a 21.5-inch TFT LCD touchscreen, the control interface is as intuitive as a smartphone. This system includes over 4000 cutting conditions, making it easy for operators to find the right settings quickly. You’ll find this particularly useful for reducing setup times and increasing efficiency​ (KGKI)​​ (Machine Hub)​.

5. Dry Annealing Automatic Wire Feeder: The 17-inch dry annealing automatic wire feeder improves wire straightness and reliability, especially at larger Z heights. This system ensures that wire threading is smooth and consistent, minimizing interruptions and enhancing productivity​ (KGKI)​​ (KGKI)​.

6. Air Cooled Cabinets: Seibu’s EDM machines feature air-cooled cabinets, which help maintain optimal operating temperatures and protect sensitive components from heat. This design enhances the longevity and reliability of the machine, ensuring that it remains productive under various operating conditions​ (KGKI)​​ (Machine Hub)​.

7. Anti-Electrolysis Circuit: To prevent the adverse effects of electrolysis, Seibu machines are equipped with an anti-electrolysis circuit. This feature protects both the wire and the workpiece, ensuring high-quality finishes and reducing wear and tear, which is crucial for maintaining long-term precision​ (KGKI)​​ (KGKI)​.

8. Workpiece Straightness Circuit: The workpiece straightness circuit is designed to maintain the integrity of the workpiece during the cutting process. This feature is particularly beneficial for achieving precise and consistent results, even with complex geometries​ (KGKI)​​ (Machine Hub)​.

How to Judge the Quality of a Wire EDM Machine?

There are several factors that can be used to judge the quality of a wire EDM machine.

Firstly, the machine’s accuracy and precision in cutting and shaping metal parts is a key factor. High-quality machines should be able to produce parts with tight tolerances and minimal error.

Secondly, the machine’s speed and efficiency in completing tasks is also important. A good wire EDM machine should be able to complete jobs quickly without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

Thirdly, the machine’s durability and reliability is crucial for long-term use. A well-built machine with quality components and sturdy construction will last longer and require less maintenance.

Finally, the level of customer support and technical assistance provided by the manufacturer can also be a good indicator of machine quality. A reputable electric discharge machining company with a strong commitment to customer service will be more likely to provide reliable and effective support for their products.

EDM machining process

Factors That Significantly Affect Cutting Speed in EDM

Cutting speed is a crucial indicator of machining efficiency, representing the rate at which material is removed during the EDM process. It is determined by the feed rate of the electrode wire along the machining path multiplied by the thickness of the workpiece. Here are the key factors that influence cutting speed:

  1. Impact of Pulse Power Supply on Cutting Speed
    • Peak Current: Increasing the peak current of the pulse power supply enhances cutting speed.
    • Average Machining Current: Cutting speed is roughly proportional to the average machining current. Hence, increasing it boosts cutting speed.
    • Rise Time of Pulse Current: Faster rise time of the pulse current correlates with higher cutting speed.
    • Open Circuit Voltage: Raising the open circuit voltage can increase the discharge gap, improving cooling and chip removal, which in turn raises cutting speed. However, too high a voltage can increase the gap excessively, reducing cutting speed.
    • Pulse Interval: Reducing the pulse interval decreases “rest” time and increases the number of discharges per unit time, thus increasing cutting speed. However, too short an interval can compromise stability as the insulating strength of the gap does not recover in time.
    • Pulse Width: Under consistent machining conditions, cutting speed increases with pulse width. However, beyond a certain range, the erosion amount increases, worsening chip removal and stability, thereby affecting cutting speed.
  2. Impact of Electrode Wire on Cutting Speed
    • Material of Electrode Wire: Different materials significantly affect cutting speed. For high-speed wire EDM, molybdenum wire is commonly used, while copper, iron, various alloy wires, or coated wires are used for low-speed wire EDM. The cutting speed is mainly determined by the surface layer of the electrode wire. Higher zinc concentration on the surface increases cutting speed, while lower manganese concentration also enhances it.
    • Diameter of Electrode Wire: In EDM, wire diameters typically range from 0.03 to 0.35 mm. Thicker wires increase cutting speed and are suitable for thicker workpieces. However, larger diameters must meet process requirements and avoid increasing surface roughness.
    • Tension of Electrode Wire: Higher tension increases cutting speed by reducing wire vibration, narrowing the kerf, and minimizing short circuits. However, excessive tension can cause wire breakage.
    • Wire Feed Speed: Increasing the wire feed speed facilitates the entry of working fluid into the narrow machining gap, improving cooling and discharge product removal, thereby enhancing cutting speed.
    • Wire Vibration: Slight vibration can improve cutting speed, but excessive or irregular vibrations can cause short circuits or wire breakage, reducing cutting speed. Minimizing machine and wire feed system vibrations is crucial for speed and precision.
  3. Impact of Working Fluid on Cutting Speed
    • Type of Working Fluid: Different emulsions affect cutting speed in high-speed wire EDM. The emulsifying agent in the fluid significantly impacts speed. Deionized water is commonly used in low-speed EDM, sometimes supplemented with conductive liquids to increase speed. Lower conductivity tends to increase cutting speed due to larger discharge gaps and stable machining.
    • Pressure of Working Fluid: Appropriate working fluid pressure effectively removes machining chips and enhances wire cooling, contributing to higher cutting speed.
  4. Impact of Workpiece on Cutting Speed
    • Material of Workpiece: Different materials result in varying cutting speeds. Aluminum alloys cut faster than hard alloys, graphite, and polycrystalline materials.
    • Thickness of Workpiece: Thicker workpieces have poorer chip removal conditions, leading to slower cutting speeds.

cnc edm

How to Choose the Best Wire EDM Machine?

When deciding to purchase the best wire EDM machine for your application, consider the factors below:

Part Complexity: While every wire EDM machine can cut more intricate features than traditional CNC machines, the degree of accuracy and precision varies from one device to the next. Consider the part you would like to create and how precise its tolerances should be.

Part Size: Some manufacturers desire larger parts with the same degree of precision and accuracy that is associated with smaller wire EDM products. These larger machines are typically more expensive than their smaller counterparts but can deliver intricate and remarkably accurate large parts. Make sure the EDM machine you plan to buy is large enough to make the parts you need.

Desired Run Time: There’s a tradeoff to be made between machining speed and part accuracy when it comes to wire EDM machines. While fast runs on wire EDM units will still deliver more accurate parts than traditional CNC machining, they will not be as accurate as those cut at a slower pace by wire EDM. If efficiency or overall runtime is your biggest concern, look for machines that satisfy these criteria.

EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)

What are the Main Features of EDM?

Compared to traditional turning, milling, and drilling methods, wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) has its unique characteristics:

  1. Cost Savings: Directly uses a metal wire with a diameter of 0.03-0.35 mm as the electrode, eliminating the need for specific shapes and saving on electrode design and manufacturing costs.
  2. Wide Material Applicability: Can process any conductor or semiconductor material regardless of hardness, with minimal electrode wire wear and high machining precision.
  3. Suitable for Complex Parts: Ideal for processing small batches, complex-shaped parts, single pieces, and prototypes, with short processing cycles.
  4. Minimal Workpiece Deformation: Since the electrode wire does not directly contact the workpiece, the interaction is minimal, resulting in little deformation of the workpiece. The electrode wire and fixtures do not require high strength.
  5. Low Cost and Safe Working Fluid: Uses water-based emulsions as the working fluid, which are low cost and non-flammable.
  6. Limitations: Not suitable for processing simple-shaped, large batch parts, or non-conductive parts.

How Does a Wire EDM Machine Work?

Before starting the cutting process, prepare the workpiece blank, clamping tools, measuring instruments, etc. If cutting an internal cavity shape or if the process requires a pre-drilled wire hole, the blank should have the wire hole pre-drilled. Then follow these steps:

  1. Start the machine: Turn on the machine power and enter the system to prepare the machining program.
  2. Check the machine: Inspect all parts of the machine for any abnormalities, such as the high-frequency generator, water pump, wire drum, etc.
  3. Threading the wire: Load the wire, thread it, and ensure it is vertical.
  4. Clamping the workpiece: Secure the workpiece and align it properly.
  5. Aligning the wire: Set the starting position for cutting.
  6. Starting the wire feed: Start the wire feed, turn on the working fluid pump, and adjust the nozzle flow.
  7. Adjusting parameters: Set the machining parameters.
  8. Running the program: Execute the machining program to begin the cutting process.
  9. Monitoring the process: Keep an eye on the cutting process to ensure that wire feed, discharge, and working fluid circulation are functioning correctly.
  10. Inspecting the part: Check if the part meets the requirements. If any errors occur, address them promptly to avoid scrapping the workpiece.

EDM precision machining

Where Can I Get the Best Wire EDM Machine?

Directly from the Manufacturer: Many reputable EDM companies sell their wire EDM machines directly to customers. This allows you to buy the machine directly from the source, ensuring high-quality components and reliable customer support.

Specialized Machinery Retailers: There are several retailers that specialize in selling manufacturing machinery, including wire EDM machines. These retailers may carry a variety of brands and models, allowing you to compare and choose the best machine for your needs.

Online Marketplaces: Many online marketplaces, such as Alibaba, Amazon, or eBay, offer a wide range of wire EDM machines from various manufacturers. This option may allow you to find the best deal, but be sure to research the seller and check reviews before making a purchase.

Trade Shows and Expos: Attending trade shows and expos can be a great way to see wire EDM machines in action and speak directly with manufacturers and experts. You may also be able to take advantage of special promotions or discounts at these events.

When choosing where to buy a wire EDM machine, be sure to consider factors such as warranty, customer support, and after-sales service, as well as the machine’s features and capabilities, to ensure you get the best machine for your needs.

Are Wire EDM Machines Easy to Use?

Wire EDM machines can be complex and require specialized training to use effectively. However, with proper training and experience, the machines can be relatively easy to use.

The machine’s operation typically involves using CAD software to create a part design, which is then transferred to the machine’s control system. The operator sets the machine parameters, such as wire tension, power settings, and cutting speed, before starting the process.

While the machine itself may be easy to operate once the parameters are set, it is important to note that wire EDM machines require a high level of precision and attention to detail. Operators must carefully monitor the process to ensure the desired shape and dimensions are achieved and must be prepared to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the cutting process.

Overall, while wire EDM machines may not be the easiest machines to use, they can be relatively straightforward with proper training and experience.

Common Issues and Analysis of Wire EDM Machines

During processing operations, you will inevitably encounter some problems. Here are some common problems and causes for reference during operation.

Phenomenon Possible Causes
Visible Wire Marks on Workpiece Surface 1. Electrode wire movement or vibration. 2. Imbalance in workbench horizontal movement, excessive vibration. 3. Incorrect pulse power parameters.
Wire Vibration 1. Electrode wire movement. 2. Bearing wear on guide wheel due to prolonged use. 3. Wire drum impact or wear on wire guide. 4. Electrode wire not straight.
Guide Wheel Has Abnormal Sound, Rotation Not Smooth 1. Guide wheel shaft misalignment, adjust guide wheel shaft interval. 2. Debris in wheel shaft, clean the shaft and add lubricating oil. 3. Bearing wear on guide wheel due to prolonged use, replace bearing or guide wheel shaft.
Wire Breakage 1. Electrode wire aging or excessive wear, replace the wire. 2. Excessive tension on electrode wire, adjust wire tension. 3. Incorrect workbench positioning. 4. Insufficient dielectric fluid circulation, poor discharge conditions.
5. Wire feed speed mismatch, adjust accordingly. 6. Excessive pressure on guide wheel, adjust. 7. Poor wire alignment, adjust. 8. Non-conductive impurities in the workpiece, clean the material.
Loose Wire 1. Electrode wire installed too loosely. 2. Electrode wire loosened over time, re-tighten.
Burn Marks 1. Incorrect high-frequency power parameters. 2. Insufficient or excessive working fluid supply, adjust accordingly. 3. Malfunction in automatic threader, check and repair.
Poor Machining Accuracy 1. Guide wheel shaft misalignment, adjust. 2. Poor guide wheel shaft verticality, adjust. 3. Transmission shaft misalignment, adjust. 4. Malfunction in control cabinet or stepper motor, repair.


Choosing a wire EDM machine is like picking the right tool for a delicate art project – precision, speed, and reliability are non-negotiable. In the bustling arena of 2024, the top players – Makino, Mitsubishi Electric, GF Machining Solutions, Sodick, Fanuc, Seibu Electric & Machinery, Inc., Charmilles Technologies (GE), and AgieCharmilles (GF) – each bring their own flair to the table.

Think of it this way: if Makino were a master chef, they’d excel in precision slicing; Sodick would be the speedster, whipping up dishes in no time; and Fanuc, well, they’d be the reliable sous-chef you can count on. But remember, it’s not just about the brands’ prowess. Your needs – the parts you’re crafting, the materials you’re working with, and your expertise level – should guide your decision.

So, do your homework. Compare, contrast, and see which machine feels like the perfect match for your unique project. With the right research and a clear understanding of your requirements, you’ll find the wire EDM machine that fits like a glove. Happy machining!

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