What is CNC Machining?

What is CNC Machining?

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High precision CNC machining services

The shape of the machined surface of the milling machine is generally composed of straight lines, arcs or other curves. Ordinary milling machine operators according to the requirements of the drawing. Constantly changing the relative position between the tool and the workpiece, and then coordinating with the selected milling cutter speed, the tool can cut the workpiece, and various shapes of workpieces can be processed.

CNC machining is to divide the motion coordinates of the tool and the workpiece into the smallest unit, that is, the smallest displacement. According to the requirements of the workpiece program, the numerical control system moves each coordinate by several minimum displacements, so as to realize the relative movement of the tool and the workpiece to complete the machining of the parts.


Character of machining

big size CNC milling services

1. The parts have strong adaptability and flexibility, and can process parts with particularly complex contours or difficult-to-control dimensions, such as mold parts, shell parts, etc.;

2. It can process parts that cannot be processed by ordinary machine tools or are difficult to process, such as complex curve parts and three-dimensional space surface parts described by mathematical models;

3. Parts that need to be processed in multiple processes after one clamping and positioning can be processed;

4. High processing precision, stable and reliable processing quality, the pulse equivalent of the numerical control device is generally 0.001mm, and the high-precision numerical control system can reach 0.1μm. In addition, the numerical control processing also avoids the operator’s operating errors;

5. The production automation is high, which can reduce the labor intensity of the operator. Conducive to production management automation;

6. High production efficiency. CNC milling machines generally do not need to use special process equipment such as special fixtures. When replacing workpieces, it is only necessary to call the processing programs, clamping tools and adjustment tool data stored in the CNC device, thus greatly shortening production. cycle. Secondly, the CNC milling machine has the functions of milling machine, boring machine and drilling machine, which makes the process highly concentrated and greatly improves the production efficiency. In addition, the spindle speed and feed speed of the CNC milling machine are infinitely variable, so it is beneficial to choose the best cutting amount;


CNC milling

5 axis cnc prototype

CNC machining is divided into 3-axis, 3+2-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC. Modo Rapid factory offers 3-axis, 3+2-axis and 5-axis CNC machining.

Most designer know CNC milling, as they think CNC milling is the most widely used in CNC field. The material can be cut into different shapes. Generally speaking, 5 axis CNC is more expensive than 3 axis CNC machining. 5 axis is more suitable for complex parts.

5-axis linkage machining center, also called five-axis machining center, is a machining center with high technological content and high precision specially used for machining complex curved surfaces. Instruments, high-precision medical equipment and other industries have a pivotal influence. The five-axis linkage CNC machining center system is the only means to solve the processing of impellers, blades, marine propellers, heavy generator rotors, steam turbine rotors, large diesel engine crankshafts, etc.


CNC turning

turning milling CNC services

Lathe processing is a part of mechanical processing, and there are mainly two processing forms: one is to fix the turning tool to process the unformed workpiece in rotation; the other is to fix the workpiece, and through the high-speed rotation of the workpiece, the turning tool (tool holder) ) horizontal and vertical movement for precision machining.


CNC turning & milling

turning milling CNC metal rapid prototpe

Composite machining is one of the most popular machining processes in the world in the field of machining. It is an advanced manufacturing technology. Compound machining is to realize several different machining processes on one machine tool. Compound machining is the most widely used and the most difficult, that is, turning and milling compound machining. The turning and milling compound machining center is equivalent to the compound of a CNC lathe and a machining center.


Compared with the conventional CNC machining process, the outstanding advantages of composite machining are mainly reflected in the following aspects.


(1) Shorten the product manufacturing process chain and improve production efficiency. Turn-milling composite machining can realize all or most of the machining processes in one loading, thus greatly shortening the product manufacturing process chain. In this way, on the one hand, the production auxiliary time caused by the change of the loading card is reduced, and at the same time, the manufacturing cycle and waiting time of the tooling and fixture are also reduced, which can significantly improve the production efficiency.

(2) Reduce the number of clamping and improve the machining accuracy. The reduction in the number of card loadings avoids the accumulation of errors due to positioning fiducial conversions. At the same time, most of the current turning-milling composite processing equipment has the function of online detection, which can realize the in-situ detection and precision control of key data in the manufacturing process, thereby improving the processing precision of products.

(3) Reduce the floor space and reduce the production cost. Although the price of a single turn-milling compound processing equipment is relatively high, due to the shortening of the manufacturing process chain and the reduction of equipment required for the product, as well as the reduction of the number of fixtures, workshop area and equipment maintenance costs, it can effectively reduce the overall fixed assets. The cost of investment, production operation and management.

CNC drilling


The working principle of the boring machine is that the rotation of the boring tool is the main movement, and the movement of the boring tool or the workpiece is the feed movement, which is used to process high-precision holes or finish the finishing of multiple holes at one time.

Long hole boring, represented by the coaxial hole system of box parts, is one of the most important contents in metal cutting.


Materials used in machining services

CNC ABS RAPID PROTOTYPE                                    turning CNC stainless steel 304 prototype

Different types of CNC machining centers have slightly different uses. Some machining centers with large strokes are suitable for processing molds, some are suitable for processing metal workpieces with large specifications, and some CNC machining centers are suitable for processing small hardware parts.

Different types of CNC machining centers have slightly different uses. Some machining centers with large strokes are suitable for processing molds, some are suitable for processing metal workpieces with large specifications, and some CNC machining centers are suitable for processing small hardware parts, etc. CNC machining centers It combines all the features of the CNC milling machine, except for the automatic tool changer and tool magazine.

CNC machining services is the most common used in manufacturing field. Commonly used CNC materials are: ABS, PC, POM, PP, acrylic (PMMA), nylon, bakelite, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, low carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, etc., Teflon, PBT, PPS, PEET, polyurethane foam, etc.

More detail about material suitable for machining services, please click CNC metal material or CNC plastic material.

It is worth noting that the hardness of the tool must be harder than the hardness of the material, otherwise the tool will be damaged, and the machining will fail, affecting the machining process of the part.


Application of CNC machining

CNC machining services is suitable for machining fields of various medium and large parts such as mining machinery, automobile, aerospace, printing, packaging, textile, military industry, mold and so on. Our machining centers are mainly used to process plates, discs and shell parts, and are suitable for steel parts, large castings and other parts with high precision, many processes and complex shapes.

There are many CNC machining centers in Shenzhen China, Modo Rapid is one of the most professional prototype manufacturer in China, as a leading company in CNC field. You can reach out to us anytime. No matter for a quote or just design suggestions. Machining services are different from other services, we know how to keep our high quality with moderate price. If you have any questions about CNC services, please do not hesitate to send an email.

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